CFLW Cyber Strategies provides solutions at the intersection of strategy and technology. To stay ahead in the digital transformation and navigate through the converging cyber-physical realm. Using our established technical foundation and global presence, we provide solutions in these focus areas:

Our solutions are based on in-depth expertise in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analytics and IT innovation.

Co-creation, capacity building, capability roadmaps, feasibility studies, concept development and experimentation are typical approaches to realize innovations with the right sense of impact and timing. We are active within various international networks and with a global reach. We have a strong presence in Europe and Southeast Asia, from the Netherlands, Singapore and Vietnam respectively. Solutions are based on our long track record, international experience, technical foundation, sense of diplomacy and time-to-market.

Disrupting abuse of Dark Web and Virtual Assets

We see challenges with the sheer volumes of cybercrime and increasing sophistication of such fraudulent and illegal online activities. With our expertise and long track record of Dark Web monitoring and Virtual Assets (Cryptocurrencies) analytics. Cyber-enabled financial crimes and abuse of blockchain technologies require global adoption and implementations of solutions in a multi-stakeholder setting. We provide solutions to combat such criminal activities like Money Laundering, Child Sexual Abuse, Drugs Trafficking and many other crimes.

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Emergent Technologies

In light of digital transformation, companies are using emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to leverage greater efficiency, service and profitability. However, new technologies are at risk of exploitation. We reinforce cyber security through strategic approaches to mitigate security risk by assessing and targeting the vulnerabilities of these emerging technologies. We want to build resilience across supply chains as companies execute their digital transformation roadmaps.

Advancing Human Capital by Research and Development

We recognise the importance of capacity building which optimises knowledge development to solve our societal problems effectively. It fosters co-creation of solutions amongst stakeholders and better support both technical and adaptive capacities in the long run. Therefore, having access to the right talent is critical for any organisation. We are building our talent pipeline with software development and operational capacity by CFLW Cyber Development. Second, by research through academic collaboration, especially between Europe and Southeast Asia, with special focus on Singapore and Vietnam. One such initiative is the Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) between Singapore and the Netherlands to develop potential talents early for the companies’ growth. We continue to extend our international collaboration to form more strategic and long term partnerships.

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